Porcelain Pottery: Itty Bitty Sippy Cup with Cherry Blossoms on Black/SOLD SINGLY

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These wee cups hold 7 ounces. Use them to sip tea, coffee, wine, tequila, you get the idea. PLEASE NOTE THE PRICE IS FOR ONE CUP.

These are made out of a white porcelain clay body. I throw them on the potter's wheel, trim the bottoms with a foot ring so the bottoms are glazed as well. These cups are wee. The exterior decoration is a transfer technique which is a silkscreening technique of a white cherry blossoms on a black field. The patterns are sealed permanently into the clay by the glazing process. A clear glaze is over the exterior a soft purple is on the inside,  approximately 2.5" high x 3"wide. Signed "Sullivan, Canada" on the bottom. 

As with all porcelain pottery avoid dramatic temperature changes; no oven, do not freeze. Dishwasher, microwave safe. Please appreciate the slight imperfections that make hand made pottery so great.