Porcelain Pottery Oval Platter with Black Dragonflies and Ferns SMALL

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A small version of the oval platter. 

This is an elegant oval platter shape decorated with black dragonflies and ferns. I made this out of a white porcelain clay body. I handbill it out of slabs of clay over a form I created. The foot rings are applied by hand The exterior decoration is a transfer technique which is a silkscreening technique in black. The patterns are sealed permanently into the clay by the glazing process. A clear glaze is over the top surface, the bottom is bare. Food safe. I don't recommend the dishwasher on a piece of this size.  Please appreciate the slight variations and imperfections that are the signs of hand made pottery. This pot is approximately 8'long x 5" wide x 1" deep. Signed "Sullivan, Canada" on the bottom. DO NOT PUT THIS IN THE OVEN.