Porcelain Pottery Teapot with Partridges Green/Blue Strap Handle

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NEW PATTERN. I made this teapot out of a white porcelain clay body. I threw it on the potter's wheel, trimmed the bottom with a foot ring so the bottom is glazed as well. The handle and spout have been pulled and attached to the pot when the clay is still wet. This is a strap handle teapot, great for saving space on the counter.

The exterior decoration is a transfer technique which is a silkscreening technique of a green and blue birds and leaves. The patterns are sealed permanently into the clay by the glazing process. A clear glaze is over the entire piece where the transfer is. The interior is a soft purple peeping out at the spout. It holds approximately 42 oz.  8" tall x 8"long x6.5" deep. It pours well, there is a final drip at the end of the pour. Nice lid fit.Signed "Sullivan, Canada" on the bottom. 

As with all porcelain pottery avoid dramatic temperature changes; no oven, do not freeze. It's recommended to warm your teapot before every use with hot tap water, this will help prevent thermal shock to the porcelain as well as keep your tea warmer longer. Dishwasher, microwave safe. Please appreciate the slight imperfections that make hand made pottery so great.