Sculpture: Contemplative Figure with Arabesques/Bird

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A very sweet piece. I have been making these standing figures since 2006. Inspired by Chinese tomb figures, I have thought of them as monks, as nuns and more recently simply as meditating figures. I hand build these hollow then carve and decorate the surface when it is still wet clay.

These are a series of smaller contemplatives. This figure is carved with two arabesque variations, a black one on the sash dividing the piece, cream ones scrolling through the bottom half. The shoulder and head are covered with a black transfer of another arabesque under a turqoise glaze. An arabesque represents the beauty and continuity of life. A small bird whispers secrets in to the contemplative's ear. Cream, turquoise and black. Truly a serene figure.6" deep by 7" wide and 17" in height!

Surface is a wonderful medley of turquoise, olive green, gold and cream glazes. As with all of my sculptures these are meant for indoor enjoyment only.

Signed Sullivan on the body.