Wall Fish: Cutthroat Salmon with Raindrops

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My very popular wall fish have been swimming away in schools over the last few years. Here's a new one for spring 2020! I build these hollow then I carve and decorate the surface with transfers. On this cutthroat salmon I have used a polka dot transfer under a black/brown glaze on the bottom of the body to mimic the top half which is a pattern of concentric circles that represent raindrops hitting the water. The fins have been decorated with a new arabesque and lotus pattern that is glazed with a turquoise glaze showing as highlights against the black design. Hangs on two holes in the back, so they can swim! Indoor enjoyment only. Signed "Sullivan" and Canada on the back. 20" long x 11"tall x 3" deep. Please note these larger fish require extensive packaging, which is why the price is so much more than the guppies, but worth it!