Sculpture: "Still" with Dragonflies

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Part of the "Still" series. I have been making these meditation figures since 2006. Inspired by Chinese tomb figures, the original inspiration was actually a musician holding cymbals, but I have always regarded them as meditating figures. I hand build these hollow then carve and decorate the surface when it is still wet clay.

This meditation figure is decorated with a transfer of ferns and dragonflies. A lone dragonfly is accentuated over the heart chakra.  The figure sits with it's feet tucked under it's seat in a kneeling position. 7" deep by 6" wide and 13.5" in height! I cannot stress enough how unique each one of these figures is.

Surface is a wonderful medley of dripping turquoise, olive green,. As with all of my sculptures these are meant for indoor enjoyment only.

Signed Sullivan on the body.