Show Schedule 2022

January 9-April 24. Ottawa Farmers' Market on Sundays, 10 to 3.  

May 5-8: Signatures' Spring Originals Show, EY Centre, Ottawa

May 14-October 29: Carp Farmers' Market, Saturdays, 8 to 1

June 11-12: The New Art Festival, Ottawa

July 16-19: Muskoka Arts and Crafts, Bracebridge

July 23-25: Haliburton Arts and Crafts Festival, Haliburton

October 15-18: Signatures' Shows, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa

November 6,13,20, Sunday 9 to 3: Ottawa Farmers’ Market in the Aberdeen Pavilion at Landsdowne park & Friday night, November 25, 5-9.  

December 2, 3-8pm & December 3, 8am to 2pm. Carp Farmers’ Christmas Market, Carp Fairgrounds 

December 7-12: Signatures' Originals Christmas Show, Ottawa

December 17-18: Ottawa Farmer’ Market Christmas Market, 9 to 3, Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne 

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