These Covidian Times

Posted by Diane Sullivan on

Covid has given me the gift of time. Time to do a lot of things on an internal list I knew I carried around with me, but didn't have the time to recognize until this year. Time to create my daily yoga practice. Time to watch my garden grow. Time to work on blowing the dust off my business identity. Time to appreciate all the people in my life, if only virtually. Time to be kinder, more patient and hopefully more considerate. As a single, self-employed person living in the country, I found Covid incredibly isolating at first. I was used to the hustle and bustle of my show schedule, the calendar with a year of engagements mapped out for me. I have come to appreciate the silence, the slower pace and the continuing support of my customers and friends. And I am eternally grateful that I am an artist in these times. I find tremendous peace in my creative process. I hope that peace comes through in the work and leaks in to your life. Thank you for all you do.

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