Porcelain Pottery Bowl with Chrysanthemums Decoration/Purple Liner

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NEW PATTERN! Great for salad or to hold fruit. I made this porcelain pottery bowl on the potter's wheel, then decorated it with a new transfer of chrysanthemums, although they could easily be seen as Dahlias, I already have a pattern I call Dahlias! :). The transfer has been sealed permanently on to the surface of the clay with a clear glaze over it. The interior has throwing lines accentuated by the soft lavender glaze. The bottom has been trimmed and signed, "Sullivan, Canada". Dishwasher safe. Approximately 8.5" diameter x4.25" tall.

As with all porcelain pottery avoid dramatic temperature changes; no oven, do not freeze. Dishwasher, microwave safe. Please appreciate the slight imperfections that make hand made pottery so great.